I ignore most information about politics during this year’s election. Yes, I am unwilling to listen to the speeches, interviews and ads. Until recently when I became enthusiastic as I heard the connection between a few candidates and some of the #social issues they put forth.

Those whose platforms include women, race and gender issues make me listen. Topics of women’s bodies, #rights, equity, safety, financial well being and intolerance got my attention.

women-work-women-vote - Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

Those who address these critical social issues in their platforms pique my interest and even pull money from my wallet into their campaigns.

Politicians talk and talk on topics the mean very little to me – they do not currently affect my life. When they cover issues of interest to me I not only pay attention, I open my wallet and I make sure I vote.

human-rights - Lynne Cockrum-MurphyFrom the excitement of experiencing Arizona’s first female governor a few years ago, to the possibility and timeliness of our potential first female president I find a purpose, an invitation to be interested, to pay attention, to be enthusiastic vs aggravated by speeches and ads.

The good-old-boy radically conservative, bigoted candidate drives many of us – especially women away. They do not care about us and they want to control us. It is old fashioned and exclusive.

I will vote. Female candidates, progressive, inclusive #liberal candidates get my attention, my money and my vote. Include me, include humanity and you will hold my attention!