Originally I used counseling along with a daily spiritual practice of chanting and meditation to release the old driving forces and fears.  I wanted freedom from negative thinking, from fear and anxiety. I felt constrained.

The freedom I crave comes easily when I move to higher states of #consciousness. The magnificent effects of daily meditation grace my life in tangible and intangible ways. It certainly creates a degree of equanimity that I deeply appreciate while living in this tumultuous world.

The change I notice now in writing, as more and more I move to this higher place so just like in meditation the insights come and most the time now the words flow freely.

This style of writing connects me to my #inner knowing, my #higher self while thinking takes a back seat allowing #inspiration to lead. It flows easier for me when writing with pen and tablet than at the computer.

#Living Hope – Steps to Leave Suffering Behind, describes the reasons for the pain. Most of my life has been a process to get free of all that. Daily small-cover-1#journaling and #meditation cleared my head and lifted me into the possibilities of joy.

Granted this practice was a day-in, day-out necessity for years, progressing slowly but culminating in a powerful transition to a joyful life. My tears today reflect joy as much as sadness any more.

I never conceived as I chose to write books that a similar connected state of open awareness would occur while I wrote. The sense of infiniteness, no cares or concerns, not encumbered by the illusion of our physical world is possible in a whole new way.

The transformational tools of journaling, #autobiography, and meditation all are steps to leave suffering behind and to live a joyful life. How does it get any better than this?