Are you committed to your spiritual growth?

Do you already consider yourself a meditator?

Today we find so many excellent guided meditations all throughout the internet, on Facebook, twitter and so on. I know I have tried many. Sometimes I am ready for something different and prefer to experience someone else’s technique.

Plus, after meditating for about forty years there are times when I choose guidance because I’m plain tired of just sitting. Recently I read a spiritual teachers book and am using its recommendations to guide my morning meditations for one week. I get enough from them that I decided to repeat one. Probably you get free guided meditation and ideas popping up in your email too. On the other hand, on occasion I’ll try someone’s meditation and find it annoying as all get out and turn it off and just do my own quiet sitting.

Have you tried the Who Am I Meditation yet?

I first learned of it in one of Jack Kornfield’s books and found it profound. I included it in the Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshops because of where it can take you in your knowing. If you sit with the question for the length of your meditation, answers and insights will arise. The longer you stay at it the deeper you go. What I got from it was different than I expected going in.

The whole Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshop series (available online) is full of guided meditations, topics and quotes perfect for contemplation. In fact, you can try a few of them in the freebies section or purchase the package and go even deeper.

Unquestionably, you will move forward in the process of discovering your true self. Certainly, you will identify more as an eternal consciousness. In these workshops, we move well beyond “human doing or human being” to knowing who we really are.

Personally, I found the process deeply meaningful and life changing. Probably that’s why I wrote the book Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We are Never Alone on it. To engage in this spiritual growth process, you don’t need to read the book although you will gain insights as you read it too.

Try the Who am I meditation. Even more than once. If you’d like, let me know your experience.

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Who am I?