VIP Exclusive Mastery Program



Healing and Awakening



to bring your gifts into action in the world

to release blocks that prevent you from knowing how light, valuable and loved you are

to maximize your fulfillment of your purpose


your health, family, work and relationships

In this exclusive eight month program, you will have my continuous support, experience and transmissions for a strong foundation that feeds your highest and best life.

Imagine going beyond where you’ve been to:

  • Stay in God Consciousness
  • Bring your gifts into action in the world
  • Live the potential you already are
  • Access love at new, deeper, sweeter levels
  • Be a strong effective spiritual person 
  • Reclaim your personal authority through your own spirit
  • Increase your intuition & Hear your own guidance
  • Communicate with your higher self
  • Empower yourself to live without your old story 
  • Increase your effectiveness as a healer and a teacher

Our purpose is to nourish your personal and spiritual growth, your health, family and work interests through

  • higher guidance
  • meditations
  • channeling
  • healing work
  • vibrational/energy work
  • discussions

Know that you can live where the unimportant falls away, without effort, as we cultivate a conscious relationship with The Divine.

When you register, we will schedule your first session asap. Then…

  • Zoom or phone meetings every week for eight months.
  • Three VIP days: Arranged to meet your schedule.
  • One additional session (one hour) that you can gift to a friend.
  • A self-rating progress scale pre and post.
  • I will be on call and available to you; text, call or email when “stuff comes up”. We’ll do a short process and get your equanimity back.
  • A copy of each of my books.
  • Also in person when feasible:
    • a labyrinth walk here or where you live (if available)
    • visit to Sedona if you’d like to travel there


Here is what T. B. said after she signed up:

“I’m so thrilled I said yes. I just finished some goals and ideas for 2020, way too small. But excited nonetheless because of the growth I know is coming through my work with you!!!”


Love and light to you always,