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Who should read the “Unfolding the Mystery of Self”?

Unfolding the Mystery of Self - Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

Think of this as a perfect read for someone on a spiritual path who doesn’t follow traditional philosophy or religion.

Unfolding the Mystery of Self explores the depths of the spiritual journey of one woman through New Age teachings, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism on the road less traveled. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy shares rich insights and possibilities as she encounters ancestors, angels and teachers in spirit and shows we always have guidance. She takes us beyond the story of tragedy and trauma of her early years and explores the spiritual path of study and mystical experiences, as well as the development of intuitive and healing gifts. She arrives at the awareness that enlightenment and self-realization are available to everyone who seeks.

Delve into Spiritual Development

Unfolding the Mystery of Self delves deep into spiritual development. Lynne crafts an intriguing reveal of the once secretive experience of talking with angels to daily conversation with them, ascended masters and teachers. Rather than telling she shows the reader aspects of a rich fulfilling spiritual life. From explaining past lives to assurance that humans move towards awakening; she shines a bright light on the path to enlightenment.


Unfolding the Mystery of Self Shares Personal Stories

By sharing personal stories and examples Lynne shows how she did it and provides a map. She shares honestly about her life’s experience and the miraculous events that shaped her developing awareness and movement into self-realization. She shares the wisdom of other spiritual teachers from Yogananda, to Gary Douglas, to Swami Rama to Deepak Chopra and covers questions such as:

  • Do you need a guru?
  • Can angels take human form?
  • Does religion fit into spirituality?

Her evolution from angelic childhood visitations to daily rapport with guides, archangels and others demonstrates how possible it is to move from life as struggle, or mundane to the richness that comes from trusting there is so much more. We are never alone. We can always call out for love, support and information.

We can give credence to what we have seen yet dismissed knowing now that there is reality beyond the physical beyond the known. She also explains her experience as a healer, what it takes, and what is evolving.

Hope and Encouragement

Full of hope, potential and encouragement that we are on a trajectory to self-realization, that greatness is the foundation of every being, that as more is revealed love expands and we transform. Our beautiful light shines through. Holiness is apparent even in the average woman.


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