Unfolding the Mystery of Self:

4 Secrets to Advance your Awakening

Welcome Seeker, Meditator, Teacher,

You are on a spiritual journey – where it is taking you next?

Are you:

  • feeling like your spiritual practice is stalled?
  • in the midst of a transition of self?
  • feeling like life is empty or lacks meaning?
  • wanting guidance without following a religion?

You’re in the right place whether you are here to heal, to grow spiritually and open your life to your greatest potential, or to feel supported as you continue to explore your spiritual depths.

Yes, it’s possible for you to find the answers you need through getting quiet within, knowing your true self – discovering you as infinite, and experiencing oneness.


Interview Dr. Lynne Cockrum-MurphyMy own process of shifting from suffering to a whole new view on life is, in part, why I have created this program.  After a surviving a house fire, developing PTSD from that experience and the loss of my father and two sisters in the fire is why I chose to live a spiritual life.

Tragedy and the dysfunction in my family afterward left me with low self-esteem and deep loneliness. My response to the pain included rejecting unhappiness and a belief in fatality which eventually lead to a new and deeply satisfying life accomplished through healing and spiritual practices.

Now, instead of fear of suffering, I have learned to see any challenge as an opportunity to recognize something is off. Then to identify which beliefs limit me and then do the work to heal it.

I became a seeker. I studied and followed teachers. I questioned everything with the intention of healing.

Today, I rarely experience any PTSD symptoms. My self-esteem is strong and instead of feeling alone I am aware of ancestors, angels and spiritual guidance and love all the time. I take care of and stand up for myself. I have a long lovely marriage. And best of all, my work in assisting others in their spiritual journey, in healing and expanding their awareness brings me great pleasure.

Deep healing and happiness are possible.

Living a joyful life is possible.

Have you…

  • felt stuck and not sure how to move forward?
  • suffered trauma in your past?
  • had a breakup that came out of the blue?
  • had a spiritual crisis? 

What it takes to overcome dramatic incidences in our life is deep inner work. If you’re suffering in any way now, please know I’ve been where you are and I created a new experience to help you reconnect with your deeper inner self and heal the residual effects of your trauma once and for all. We aren’t meant to suffer.

Meet Dr. Lynne:


Suffering is avoidable. That is why…

I created Unfolding the Mystery of Self – 4 Secrets to Activate your Awakening webinar series.

I can help you create these results in your own life.

I am grateful to have been a part of Lynne’s class, “Unfolding the Mystery of Self.” During the class Lynne shared thought provoking excerpts from her book of the same title, and introduced us to different ways of meditation, which opened and expanded me. We were invited to try them in our own spiritual practices, if we chose to. Lynne is a gentle, deep spiritual teacher supporting each student, no matter what their experience is with meditation. I am learning that if Lynne is teaching something, I want to be a part of it, because it helps me to grow and expand my consciousness.  I am grateful to have her as teacher and friend.

Rev Sandra Hopper, “Pray without ceasing.”

MODULE 1: I am Found in the Quiet Within

Trauma can leave you fragmented and feeling separate not only from others but from yourself.  In this module, in order to reach the Divine Quiet within you, you will:

  • Experience breathing and chakra opening meditations
  • Discover how to have a new perspective on your daily life experiences – “human being or human doing”
  • Learn to meditate as the observer of your own experience
  • Feel the power of meditating on a sound current

I really liked the connection through sharing and the ah-ha insights.


MODULE 2: I am Infinite

While living in the earth plane, everything appears to be limited, scarce, and a black or white perspective. We seem to be separate from all others around us but the truth is that we are not. In module 2, we go deeper to see ourselves less as an individual and more as expansive and one with all life. You will:

  • Learn the benefits of meditation – even if you’ve never done it before
  • Discover how to deepen your meditation practice or get started if you’ve never done before
  • Increase awareness of the art of non-judgment
  • Learn how to use guided meditation to see your infinite essence
  • Discover how to set and use the power of intention

My favorite type of meditation is your guided meditations.


MODULE 3: I am an Eternal Luminous Being

Our body is simply a vehicle through which we express our spiritual essence. Even understanding this is a shift in perspective. In module three, we learned to embody that perspective, going from “I am my body thinking to I am an energetic being that exists in my body and extends beyond”

  • How to practice receiving what you desire
  • How to see auras – including examples
  • Add to your awareness that our bodies cannot contain us.
  • Experience a deep meditation to connect with your eternal self and receive a gift with special significance

The guided meditations opened my “inner sight” to new experiences.


MODULE 4: We are one

To activate your awakening further to experience oneness with all that is.

  • Learn about neuroplasticity
  • Integrate all that you have heard and practiced, now moving into oneness.
  • Meditate on “I am that”
  • Meditate: You as creator (analogy)

Dr. Lynne’s guided meditations have really helped me quiet my mind and helped me stay focused on my path.



Your investment in your spiritual life gets you the whole package of four modules of guidance and experiences and these two bonus gifts.

  1. A 12-minute guided theta brainwave state meditation
  2. My book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We are Never Alone (e-book format).



  • life-changing facilitated spiritual training: $1000)
  • Information-rich handouts and worksheets (value: $97)
  • Nine guided meditations ($550)
  • Continuous access to all sessions to replay at your convenience (value: $97)
  • 12-minute guided Theta State meditation (value: $197)
  • My book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self (value: $47)

If you paid for each service individually it would total $1947 – and we normally charge $297 for the series.  

For a limited time, it is offered right now to you for just $97!


With the purchase, you will have continuous, 24 hour a day access.

You can expect:

  • an easy to read ebook full of encouraging and uplifting possibilities for you
  • to expand your awareness through guided meditations
  • spiritual guidance
  • topics for contemplation
  • support for your own unique journey



Satisfaction Guarantee: You will experience spiritual growth, you will deepen your meditation and expand your understanding of self as infinite.

Another BONUS


When you register, you also get a one on one private 30-minute consultation with me to explore your most pressing spiritual issue.

Register now!  It can change your life!



Along with the modules you get a guided Theta Brainwave meditation and the e-book Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We are Never Alone.


Summer special pricing:  $97


1. Can you reach a theta brain wave state in meditation?

Yes, it is easy with just a bit of practice. I’ll show you how to reach this advanced level of meditation and experience the bliss and love that comes with it.


2. How do we share our awakening when it is such a unique and personal experience?

We will experience some things similarly and others quite differently and always respecting each person’s unique path. As a spiritual teacher, I prepare materials, meditation and guidance to support each person’s energy and assist you with “knowing, deepening and increased awareness”.

If you have other questions or would like to know more contact me.



Thank-you for your workshop. It was illuminating!


Thanks for your workshop and always making me feel so comfortable. Your guided meditation brought me to tears of joy. I so enjoy our time together.


Thank-you for your presentation on meditation. It reawakened a part of me I had forgotten and will be very helpful in my journey.