Who are we really? What is our True Self? How can we know? How do we unfold the mystery of self?

Over the years, these are questions I have asked and these are the workshops I created based on the answers I found.  In my determination to live a spiritual life and as a meditator more awareness has come and with it the knowing that we can know our true selves. In truth, we are infinite beings of light. Using these tools we move into self-realization and find our true self.

Being a seeker comes naturally to many of us. While finding the answers, takes as long as it takes. The journey is more than worth it. Look at who you thought you were ten or twenty years ago. Look at how it has changed and how you have grown.

These workshops are meant to facilitate that type of growth – a deepening of self. A recognition of you as the observer, you as consciousness.

I love this kind of work, this spiritual path. We get to do it each our own way. No rules. No dogma. With a church, with a religion or without. Our guidance comes from within.

Still, it is nice to have guidance, resources and something fresh now and then. These workshops provide that, so you can know yourself as the eternal luminous being you really are.

Explore what is offered in the free components of the Unfolding the Mystery workshop. As a result, you will know you want to dig deeper.

Most notable, one of the guided meditations in the package is the upper room. It has been the favorite and frequently requested of my guided meditation for twenty years. I know you will enjoy it.


Interview Dr. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy