We are the Light

We all have divine light. If light is #love then it exists within us. The energy in our mitochondria comes from light and love. Too bad we aren’t taught that in science class. Nor do we know how to see it until we develop our #intuitive gifts.  Seeing #divinity in others we experience a small dose of godliness in humanity. It awes, touches us deeply, and brings happiness.

Too bad, we aren’t taught in the first place to know that the #divine is in us. At least, the way I was taught in a variety of Christian churches as a child never made me feel connected to anything godly. Mostly it was about how to behave, about what I should do.

Receiving the Holy Spirit at about age 25 presented me a new awareness that I felt inside me, could call to me and could count on to experience as the #ecstasy of the divine. It was real and available all along. I just didn’t know before.

bliss state – love

I’ve seen the divine in others as the beauty of projected love from a born-again Christian I went to college with. I hear it when anyone sings of love of the Divine. I felt it in me in especially high meditations.

Notice the Light

Eventually I realized I held the idea to see light in others too literally. Instead I recognize divine light as

  • the beauty inherent in Nancy,
  • the love shining from Sandy,
  • the caring for the disenfranchised in Tim,
  • the wisdom in Kathie and
  • the compassion in Gale.

It is apparent now that divinity appears in ordinary people differently than I originally thought. It doesn’t always look like light. It can be seen in how they live, in what they do and in what they value.

We all have divine light and it looks differently in different people and more obvious in some than others.

Due to spiritual practices and the fast paced spiritual evolution of anyone on a path in this time period we see divine light in others more often because it is growing in us. We are more connected, more aware and further on the path to self-realization than ever before.

These are the times we were waiting for. We are the change the world has been waiting for.

As awareness grows we know “Not only are we not alone, we are a thread in a great tapestry that is richer, because we exist”.  Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We Are Never Alone

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