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In Lynne’s Awakening workshops, I liked all of the handouts, especially the first one that showed all 5 areas of focus, the loving kindness meditation, and the song “May the Long Time Sun” which I still refer to. I especially like the time spent in meditation (I’ve always loved the upper room guided meditation), the loving energy of your home, the energy & non-judgementalness/ acceptance of the others who attended, and the personal attention you were able to give everyone who came forward with an issue, including me. I learned techniques to raise my vibration, which I can practice all throughout the day. The classes helped me to re-remember to stay in the here & now, that I already have everything I need, and that I’m never alone.  My anxiety almost always comes from one of two things:  I’m not accepting the things I cannot change, or I’m trying to do those tasks that come under the heading of God’s job, not mine.

  • Susan

Thank you again for creating such peace and clarity for me yesterday. You have such a beautiful gift from God. R. Wallace

After my first Theta session with Lynne, I experienced something I had never known before: a true freedom and peace – a feeling of happiness from the inside out! After endless years of pain and suffering, I finally felt a lifting; Theta counselling has been so healing. Lynne is a very gentle, intuitive and experienced healer and for anyone considering Theta healing, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Valerie

“In my ThetaHealing session, Lynne loved and supported me through my process of life changes in a peaceful, reassuring, safe manner. April

Thanks for your workshop. Your guided meditation brought me tears of joy! Chris

Thank-you for your presentation on meditation. It reawakened a part of me I had forgotten and will be very helpful in my journey. Barbara

That voice! You have no idea how much you’ve influenced me in my spiritual journey. Thank-you. Allie

Dr. Cockrum-Murphy presents a practical and applicable model to integrate intuition, giftedness and spirituality in daily life Kathy

Through talking and looking at my beliefs, Lynne used her ThetaHealing skills to release – reframe those old patterns and beliefs that were NOT serving me. She replaced them with dozens of positive replacements. Her work made a remarkable change in my life!  She ended our session by doing a future reading, which I found full of insights about me and my loves ones.  Remarkable.

Thank you for the wonderful Manifesting and Abundance class.  It was great meeting you, and the other students too!!

My biggest miracle since then is to be living in my own home here in Sedona.  I spent the first night in my own bed and it was fantastic.  I haven’t had my own place for probably 3 years.  It’s great to ground myself here.

At this moment I have been repeatedly guided to various treasures to put into the house.  I have found some great bargains and some wonderful pieces of furniture.  I would definitely say that your Manifesting and Abundance class assisted in all of this.


Thank you! Pamela 

I just want to say I recently spent three days with Lynne eager to learn a new teaching, a new way of life, a new way for me to help others in my own healing practice. I was blown away by my own healing that took place within the class. Lynne is an amazing and passionate teacher and a beautiful soul. I would definitely recommend her for a session or a class. 

Thank you for the reading. It was nice to get some fresh perspective. You are gifted and sincere. L. J.

I had an amazing healing session with Lynne, freeing and lifting my spirit immensely. I was able to make great, productive phone calls (that I was avoiding), and I’m sure it was due to the clear headed feeling I had after the session. Thank you Lynne.


Thanks, I feel a deep relief, like a weight was lifted. Today after the Bars session I am more open to life and feel vastly different than the day before. Tara

I feel so much better. The ThetaHealing was wonderful. My heart doesn’t hurt anymore. Gale

Thank you for your personal support. I appreciate being able to be vulnerable. I have achieved a quiet clarity. I feel lighter and can see the spaciousness its creating. This opening up will allow for pending shifts to accelerate. I am feeling revived. Sandy

Lynne, Thank-you for always making me feel so comfortable when I’m with you. I so enjoy our time together! Chris

Thank-you for your workshop. It was illuminating! Alice

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7 Steps to Leaving Suffering Behinworkshop:

– So glad I signed up!
This would help anyone who is interested in personal growth and looking for practical tools to assist in moving forward through past pain. 
Though the class was deep & thought provoking, it was comfortable – and easy space to be in. 
– I received new insights and clarity. 

Sharing always ended up being uplifting. I loved the meditations, and the reinforcement on a prayer format. Vickie

It brought me joy connecting with you and the other participants more intimately. Sandra

I really liked the connection through sharing and the Ah-ha insights. Gale

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