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Thank you again for creating such peace and clarity for me yesterday. You have such a beautiful gift from God. R. Wallace

After my first Theta session with Lynne, I experienced something I had never known before: a true freedom and peace – a feeling of happiness from the inside out! After endless years of pain and suffering, I finally felt a lifting; Theta counselling has been so healing. Lynne is a very gentle, intuitive and experienced healer and for anyone considering Theta healing, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Valerie

“In my ThetaHealing session, Lynne loved and supported me through my process of life changes in a peaceful, reassuring, safe manner. April

Thanks for your workshop. Your guided meditation brought me tears of joy! Chris

Thank-you for your presentation on meditation. It reawakened a part of me I had forgotten and will be very helpful in my journey. Barbara

That voice! You have no idea how much you’ve influenced me in my spiritual journey. Thank-you. Allie

Dr. Cockrum-Murphy presents a practical and applicable model to integrate intuition, giftedness and spirituality in daily life Kathy

Through talking and looking at my beliefs, Lynne used her ThetaHealing skills to release – reframe those old patterns and beliefs that were NOT serving me. She replaced them with dozens of positive replacements. Her work made a remarkable change in my life!  She ended our session by doing a future reading, which I found full of insights about me and my loves ones.  Remarkable.

I just want to say I recently spent three days with Lynne eager to learn a new teaching, a new way of life, a new way for me to help others in my own healing practice. I was blown away by my own healing that took place within the class. Lynne is an amazing and passionate teacher and a beautiful soul. I would definitely recommend her for a session or a class. 

Thank you for the reading. It was nice to get some fresh perspective. You are gifted and sincere. L. J.

I had an amazing healing session with Lynne, freeing and lifting my spirit immensely. I was able to make great, productive phone calls (that I was avoiding), and I’m sure it was due to the clear headed feeling I had after the session. Thank you Lynne.


Thanks, I feel a deep relief, like a weight was lifted. Today after the Bars session I am more open to life and feel vastly different than the day before. Tara

I feel so much better. The ThetaHealing was wonderful. My heart doesn’t hurt anymore. Gale

Thank you for your personal support. I appreciate being able to be vulnerable. I have achieved a quiet clarity. I feel lighter and can see the spaciousness its creating. This opening up will allow for pending shifts to accelerate. I am feeling revived. Sandy

Lynne, Thank-you for always making me feel so comfortable when I’m with you. I so enjoy our time together! Chris

Thank-you for your workshop. It was illuminating! Alice

What people are saying

about Lynne’s 

7 Steps to Leaving Suffering Behinworkshop:

– So glad I signed up!
This would help anyone who is interested in personal growth and looking for practical tools to assist in moving forward through past pain. 
Though the class was deep & thought provoking, it was comfortable – and easy space to be in. 
– I received new insights and clarity. 

Sharing always ended up being uplifting. I loved the meditations, and the reinforcement on a prayer format. Vickie

It brought me joy connecting with you and the other participants more intimately. Sandra

I really liked the connection through sharing and the Ah-ha insights. Gale

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