Stronger at the Broken Places: Heuristic Inquiry

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Stronger at the Broken Places - Lynne Cockrum-MurphyStronger at the Broken places explores how to assist at-risk students to grow beyond the suffering inherent to life. Through deep, rich autobiography and consciousness-raising phenomenological research this heuristic inquiry transforms the researcher illustrated in personal breakthroughs and insights; accomplished through immersion into the topic, acquisition of knowledge and explication of the experience.

This process led to the creation of the  Suffering to Self-Actualization Cycle depicting the cyclical nature of life, and the motivators that can lead to seeking and spirituality.

Implications for education are presented in a model school proposal designed to develop skills and experiences for children to transition from suffering to self-actualization. This unique work designed for researchers, substance abuse and school counselors and education administrators involved in the school improvement process in particular recommends programs to build resilience in children and for a humanistic, research-based model school. The practical applications along with the transformative process of heuristic inquiry make for captivating professional reading.

Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010

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