ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children & Young Adults

Dates: to be determined for 2020 

Time: 9:30 am- 4 pm


Are you ready for Rainbow Children ThetaHealing®?

Are you aware of your intuition?

Would you like to have more fun with it?

Are you:

  • Wanting to change from struggling to fit in to knowing you are awesome just as you are?
  • Ready to give readings and healings?
  • Looking for a whole new tool box of abilities?

You’re in the right place whether you are here to develop your intuition, to heal others, to open your life to your greatest potential, or to feel supported as you develop your intuition and become a leader.

Yes, it’s possible and you can spend five seminar days immersed in your gifts.


MY STORYInterview Dr. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

My own process of shifting from suffering to a whole new view on life is, in part, because of ThetaHealing.

After a surviving a house fire, developing PTSD from that experience and the loss of my father and two sisters in the fire is why I chose to live a spiritual life.

Several tragedies along with the dysfunction in my family afterward left me with low self-esteem and deep loneliness.

My response to the losses was to reject unhappiness and a belief in fatality. This eventually lead to learning ThetaHealing and a new and deeply satisfying life accomplished through healing and spiritual practices.

Now, instead of fear of suffering, I see any challenge as an opportunity to recognize something is off. Then to identify which beliefs limit me and then do the work to change them.

I became a seeker. I studied and followed teachers. I questioned everything with the intention of healing. Today, I rarely experience any PTSD symptoms. My self-esteem is strong and instead of feeling alone I am aware of ancestors, angels and spiritual guidance and love all the time. I take care of and stand up for myself. I have a long lovely marriage.

And best of all, my work in assisting others in their spiritual journey, in healing and expanding their awareness brings me great pleasure.

That is why…

I studied ThetaHealing, used it in my life and to help others and became a certified instructor.

I can help you become a ThetaHealer and create amazing results in your own life and for others.

Wide open awareness is possible.

Using your gifts is possible.

Changing the world through the ThetaHealing is possible.

Have you…

  • Felt stuck and not sure how to move forward?
  • Thought maybe you weren’t cut out for what you really want?
  • Had friends hurt you?
  • Had an emotional crisis?

It takes healing, growth and spiritual work to overcome self-doubt, trauma, new or old losses! If you’re suffering in any way now, please know I’ve been where you are, and I offer ThetaHealing sessions to help.

And even better I teach ThetaHealing to reconnect you with your true self and with Creator. We aren’t meant to struggle. In addition to feeling strong, happy and healthy you can help others with ThetaHealing.

Meet Dr. Lynne:

Introducing: ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children & Young Adults

Purpose: to enhance and exercise the development of skills to increate intuitive ability and interact with Creator of All That Is. To become closer to the Creator without superstition or fear. To know we are not separate from Creator.

I was so happy to be a part of Lynne’s inaugural Rainbow Children Theta Healing Class. I was hooked from the first meditation, which helped me to affirm what I knew to be True about myself. I enjoyed working with Lynne and other participants as I worked on exploring gifts I had not acknowledged in the past, such as Clairvoyance. I became aware of my old beliefs about these gifts being witchcraft or “new agie“. I love becoming more aware of beliefs which no longer serve me, and to bring forth a new awareness of who I am and how I have come to serve in this incarnation. Thank you, Lynne, for your investment in your time and treasure to serve. I am grateful you are in my life.

Rev Sandra Hopper, “Pray without ceasing.”

Rainbow Children and Young Adults

ThetaHealing Seminar

Day 1: 

  • Introductions
  • Empathic skills
  • Chakras
  • Empathic Reading of an object
  • Learn remote viewing: Body Scans
  • Visualization: personal crystal palace
  • Learn about 7 Planes

I really liked the connections we made through sharing as we learned to stay in Theta. Ah-ha insights came with changing beliefs and receiving downloads. Amazing seminar.


Day 2

  • Identify beliefs
  • Add feelings (downloads)
  • Moving lost souls to the Light
  • Give a group Healing
  • Give an Angel Reading
  • See Auras

This was again a very deep and insightful class.  With Lynne’s knowledgeable guidance I did learn a lot. She is very good finding the right questions to ask, which is crucial to this work. She also encourages you to bring forth your own insights and to use your intuition. Taking the class broadened my awareness and I am very impressed how quickly you can get profound results with Theta Healing. By using muscle testing the client has instant proof of these changes. 

Hannelore N.

Day 3

  • Clairvoyance
  • Send a message
  • Learn about crystals
  • Elementals
  • Crystal scrying
  • Plant readings and essential oils
  • Animal readings

The guided meditations improved my connection with my Higher Power and changed my life. I now have new tools to help myself and others heal. I have such faith in this technique because I have experienced so many benefits from it.


Day 4

  • Talk to your higher self
  • Meet your power animal (totem)
  • Crystal layouts & talk with a master
  • Meet a law
  • Remember the future

Thank-you for your workshop. It was illuminating!


Day 5

  • Telekinesis
  • Send love to baby in womb
  • Heal broken soul and heart
  • Power of music
  • Part of All That Is visualization
  • Changing the energy around you
  • Celebration


Your investment in your skill and ability as a healer gets you certified as a ThetaHealer. Plus, I am adding this bonus gift.

A 12-minute guided theta brainwave state meditation


  • Life-changing facilitated healing training
  • Information-rich ThetaHealing manual
  • Introduction to theta brainwave state meditation
  • Daily practice with guided theta meditation
  • Access to my recorded 12-minute guided Theta State meditation


$400.00 to register – Due 1 month in advance

$711.00 remaining payment – Due 1 week before class

Satisfaction Guarantee: You will experience spiritual growth, you will deepen your meditation and expand your understanding of self as infinite.

Another BONUS

When you register, you also get a one on one private 30-minute consultation with me to explore your most pressing spiritual issue.

Register now!  It can change your life!

Along with the modules you get a guided Theta Brainwave meditation and the e-book Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We are Never Alone.

$400.00 to register – Due 1 month in advance

$711.00 remaining payment – Due 1 week before class


How old are the participants in this seminar?

It is taught in compatible age groups. Ages 7-11, 12-15, 16-22.

How does it work for the youngest and the oldest?

The activities are adjusted for the developmental differences in each age group. For the youngest each session is only 2 hours long (totally 16 sessions) and offered after school, during summer or winter break. Parents can attend as silent observers and occasional helpers.

If you have other questions or would like to know more contact me.

Thanks for your workshop and always making me feel so comfortable. Your guided meditation brought me to tears of joy. I so enjoy our time together.