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 Embracing Change


A Transformational Healing Group

Fridays, September 18 – November 20, 2020

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Have you noticed the fear all around us?

Has the loneliness caught up with you?

I know you feel frustrated not knowing when it will end. I see you suffering as you wonder about the safety of loved ones. I can imagine you ache with desire to change our predicament.

Like you, I have felt the fear and frustration, on those days I am careful to be aware the suffering is outside of me and on the inside I am at peace.

That’s why I created the Embracing Change program.

Imagine being in this new group and receiving support in living with all the change we are currently experiencing. Visualize how we can turn it into a transformative healing time for you.

Each time we meet, I’ll have a healing topic for the group plus address anyone’s personal pain as it arises with the group.

Everyone is waking up. It’s new and sometimes unsettling. I can help you stay in your knowing and feel great.

We will meet for three months (September, October, November) three times each month in Zoom (with one week off each month).

I guarantee you will feel better when we meet and become a greater transmitter of love into the world.

Each member will also receive a private ThetaHealing session with me.

Meets in Zoom – group limited to 10 members.

Questions? Contact me: lcockrum@cox.net


                  3 month group: cost $1700.


  ThetaHealing® Seminars

Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar

Let me know if you wish to schedule the basic seminar.

  3 Day Class 9 – 4 pm: cost $490.

 Scholarships and Payment plans available            

Learn More about Basic ThetaHealing® Class

Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar

August 13 – 15, 2020      

 3 Day Class 9-4 pm: cost $520.

Learn more about Advanced ThetaHealing®

Dig Deeper ThetaHealing® Seminar

September 17 – 18, 2020

2 Day Class 9 – 4 pm: cost $480

 Learn More about Dig Deeper ThetaHealing®

Manifesting and Abundance with ThetaHealing®

Date to be determined                          

2 Day Class 9-4 pm: cost $480.

Learn about Manifesting & Abundance

      ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children and Young Adults


                                Date to be determined 2020

You will go on an adventure, learn & practice a wide range of ThetaHealing® techniques – empathic readings – healings of the body & soul – meet your animal totem – a crystal layout meditation – give future & angel readings.

5 Day Class 9-4 pm: cost $1110

a down payment of $400 is required one month in advance with the remainder of $710 due one week before class starts.

Scholarships & payment plans available. Note: The Rainbow Children’s seminar, can be scheduled in 2-hour seminars, twice a week for 4 weeks. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Learn More- Rainbow Children and Young Adults

   Rhythm to a Perfect Weight with ThetaHealing®

Date to be determined 2020
 1 day class 10-3 pm: cost $170.

Learn More About RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight