With a pending book launch of Living Hope – September 9, 2015, and all the angst it stirred up in me, I realized my idea of success was undeveloped. Turns out I only thought of success as wealth; a pretty limited point of view. I had not considered myself successful until a longtime friend pointed out I already was successful. I had been since my twenties.


I think she was referring to finishing college and starting a career. Look at the difference in our definitions of success. At one time I thought I was successful because I completed my doctorate. It certainly was challenging. Now I’m reconsidering those viewpoints. There must not be any one thing that defines success. It must be personal.

I’m glad for the chance to reconsider. I prefer to dump the wealth idea (only as a definition of success, I’m quite open to wealth) and substitute ideas related to what I really value in life – meaning, purpose, #oneness, #love.

Do I have those in my life? Ah, that’s more like it. My view of success in my life includes a satisfying career, earning a doctorate, living with meaning and purpose, being loved and loving and moving ever closer to the Oneness which is the most important to me. There is no arriving. Having millions is not the point. Living this kind of rich life means living #success.