Do you know the frequency of your vibrations? Knowing the number isn’t as important as continuously raising them. No matter how high, transform your life by raising them higher. #Mindfulness, living purposefully and serenely benefits you and the world. High vibrations feel great.

Your vibration reflects your rate of universal life energy. Sounds like something you’d want to build, right?

reasons to regularly practice raising your vibrations.

  1. We attract those who vibrate at a similar rate. If you are interested in attracting high vibrational, amazing people into your life, or people of like mind, or those who will help you move forward, you’ll want to keep your vibrations high. 
  2. It makes it easier to hear your #angels and #guides. Your awareness and communication with them will come to you quicker. Your certainty of when you hear higher guidance will increase.

    High vibrations

    Commune with guides & angels

  3. You can reduce the amount of fear you feel. Higher vibrations make it easier to achieve inner peace and to keep it. With less fear, you open to more positives in your career, in your relationships, and in your personal development.
  4. Raising your vibrations affects the world, the people you spend time with, even your pets. Change you, change the world.

Easily raise your vibrations through these practices. Most are just positive additions to your day and require little time or effort and darn it they feel good.

  1. Pull in and surround yourself in light from the Divine.
  2. Express your gratitude to people in your life, to your guides and angels, and to the Divine.
  3. Use essential oils, such as frankincense.
  4. Eat a vegetarian diet.
  5. Meditate
    high vibrations(with high vibrations your #meditations will become even more satisfying).
  6. Listen to uplifting music.
  7. Chant or sing.High vibrations
  8. Get out into nature (meditate there for profound result too).
  9. Love and play with with your pets.
    Chocolate cat

    Pet me


These are just a few of the dozens of ways to raise your vibrations.

Practice tuning in and noticing other’s vibrations. Some will feel harmonious to you. When you notice someone’s vibrations are unsettling to you, adjust yours to more easily feel calm.

Practicing raising your vibrations: support your #spiritual growth, personal awareness and movement towards #enlightenment. How does it get any better than that?