Our thoughts create our Lives!

For instance, simply thinking about a pasta dish you saw the other day and deciding to make your version of it for dinner. That is creating.
Certainly, our thoughts can be life-changing. Such as, after seeing a wounded animal and feeling powerless to help, then deciding to get training to work with a veterinarian and have the skills to help the animals that tug at your heart.
Since our thoughts are powerful, since we are creating our future with today’s thoughts; then what are you creating? We are responsible for ourselves. No one else can do this for us. Consequently, let’s consciously create our lives.
our thoughts create

It is helpful to consider:

  • Am I still blaming someone for a condition in my life?
  • Do I attract unsupportive, even abusive people into my life?
  • Am I continuing a pattern of poverty that I vowed to overcome?
In the past, we may have tolerated abuse and poverty, but it is getting harder and more uncomfortable to continue old patterns and to blame others.
As we move deeper into this new age, where loving kindness is a common conscious intention, for our own comfort, the old habits must fall away. Our spiritual studies lead us contemplation and a deeper knowledge of love. Next, we see the changes we seek in action steps as the kindness to self and kindness to others.

Be encouraged.

In fact, there are a multitude of ways to create the changes you desire.
  • Use a vision board.
  • Write out your detailed perfect day.
  • See a therapist. Or see an energy healer. Or a ThetaHealer.
  • Take a class.
  • Study an inspirational person, a role model, and create a plan to become more like that.
  • Ask for guidance, then select a helpful book to read.
  • Seek out people who have what you want and ask questions.
  • Question your old assumptions, old ways of doing things and old beliefs.
  • My book Living Hope – Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind includes many more examples, checklists, even a film list to assist you. Amazon
Still, there are more ways to create your optimum life than I can list here. Grab what sounds like a fit for you and take a step towards what you desire. Anything is possible. And yes, we have lots of loving assistance
We have grace. In addition, we have guides, teachers, masters, angels and ancestors who wish to help. We are not alone.
Love and light, Lynne
Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D.
ThetaHealing Instructor, Licensed substance abuse counselor, Two-time number one Amazon Bestselling author, Intuitive consultant
For contemplation and/or journaling:

What has changed in my life? What do I choose to release now? Where do I get my support for change?