In my Unfolding the Mystery of Self  workshops and webinars, we meditate and meditate again. On top of that, I encourage everyone to meditate regularly at home. Fortunately, any type of meditation works including guided meditation. In the Unfolding the Mystery of Self – 4 Secrets to Activate Your Awakening webinar, we meditate on ourselves as infinite, we find the stillness within, we expand our perspective to oneness. In these meditations we heal, grow, deepen and awaken

The big reason to meditate regularly: To possess equanimity (calmness)!

Then when family gets to you, when there’s stress at work, when shocking events are occurring in the world, you have a practice that sustains and supports you in every moment.joy

Through regular meditation that stillness we seek is quietly present and available to us. This translates into the ability to remain unruffled when out in the world. Of course, we access inner peace while sitting on the cushion or in our sacred space. The challenge is holding equanimity while in the world. The real benefit of meditation is maintaining inner peace in situations that used to set you off.

Plus meditation also:

• Reduces stress
• Improves sleep
• Reduces depression
• Improves memory
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Increases creativity

meditation    Watch and see if with a regular meditation practice your daily life changes. Last month in my blog, I talked about responding not reacting. Now notice the changes in yourself, your lack of reactivity. Make a note to self when it occurs. It is quite rewarding and who knows how far you can go with this. Imagine bringing more peace with us when we are engaged with the world. Might the world become a bit less aggressive.

For contemplation: Peace is always within me.

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