I am just too excited today – I am throwing a big book launch party tonight.  😛 

Next, fear kicks in followed by anxiety. Then, I intentionally switch it back to excitement.

There is a place in me that knows all is well, that I have wonderfully supportive friends coming by. When I put my attention on my heart, in my centered place, I have peace, and I remember who I am.

Like you, I am a being of light. Did you know Einstein told us so decades ago?

When I forget that I am light I get tense and self-critical. When I move to awareness of my true self, I get relief.

Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We Are Never Alone (released just today on Amazon) illustrates the process from church-going child to student of psychology and Buddhism, to a continuous seeker. The book shares mystical experiences, visions, conversations with angels, basically an American woman’s process on a spiritual path. Then moves to multiple discussions on Consciousness as Christ Consciousness as Self-Realization, as Enlightenment. Through channeled messages and the guidance of masterful teachers, I elucidate the potential in each of us and the increased possibilities because of this time period.

Love light

Here are a few of the key points from the book.

  1. We are never alone – just ask your guides and guardian #angels for guidance, gifts and direction.
  2. We can each walk a distinctly unique #spiritual path. Traditional teachings offer information. Take what works for you then follow your heart.
  3. #Enlightenment is possible for the ordinary person. We need not live on the mountaintop. We can live a life here and now that brings a level of consciousness that Christ had, that Buddha had. Now it is our turn.

Learn more about the book on Amazon or the landing page or through my website. www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com