Discussing my book Living Hope – Steps to Leaving #Suffering Behind in my “#spiritual topics” book club led to two surprising responses.small-cover-1

First I concluded I must more carefully choose my words after I shocked one woman who is a new Buddhist when I told her there is a state of #awareness beyond living within the confines of the Law of #Cause and Effect. She couldn’t imagine it. She had discovered karma and was excited that it was everything. Next time I may prefer to assess the person’s preparedness before I share my less common place contemplations.

Although in my book I give detailed definitions and explanations of cause and effect in our lives and about my process of coming to terms with the events in my life within the context of #karma. I more recently have considered that there are people and ways to transcend that law. There are people who have balanced karma for others intentionally with an action. There are those who reached #self-realization who no longer create karma (at least not the problematic kind) for themselves. I am only aware of a handful of examples yet that is enough to give me food for thought. Might I entertain the possibility of creating my life with a potency and awareness and oneness that I might live beyond cause and effect? Hmmm. How long does it take? What does it look like? Who else might I study?

The second eye-opening conversation occurred when another woman reacted to our discussion of the Law of Cause and Effect. She appeared uncomfortable with the implications of her responsibility for the events and people in her life. I wanted that conversation to slow down. I could barely respond to one question before the next one came. Fortunately as we acknowledged the magnitude of the topic, she expressed interest in studying further until it makes sense to her. Overcoming the question of why bad things happen in my life and how could I have any responsibility for it requires deep consideration. It took me years to come to #peace with it for myself.

Is it possible these women are on a faster learning curve than I experienced? Isn’t it possible that this is a new time period (post 2012) when people awaken more quickly than before? Is it possible what I consider a challenging discussion is actually perfection because everyone present had their #awareness expanded some that morning over coffee and banana bread?