A Journey with Matityahu - Book 1 Awakening

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While adventuring with his best friend, Daniyyel observes miracles in Matityahu’s life and subsequently, questions then tries out Matityahu’s spiritual practices. This awakens Daniyyel’s spiritual nature and initiation into Self-Realization. Although the story is an allegory, the process is accessible to everyone.


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In this tale of two young men Dr. Cockrum-Murphy invites us to witness a journey beyond a physical journey of learning about new places and people, to a journey of awakening the heart. This journey gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own Spiritual journey and the people who are our Way Showers and Guides. I’m already looking forward to Book 2, so I can enjoy the next steps of the two young men, and how it might apply to my own life. -Rev. Sandra Hopper


A Journey with Matityahu is a delightful tale with many profound insights.  A great read whether you are already on a spiritual path or seeking to discover who you truly are!” – Marcia Bench 26-time Author, Intuitive Guide, Marketing & Manifesting Mentor for Conscious Experts


A Journey with Matityahu is a powerful, yet lighthearted story that is a very entertaining account of two men’s travels that brings one of them to a place in life he never imagined he would be.” – Brenda Tomlinson


What an incredible story designed to engage the reader on a transformational journey. The two main characters, Matthew and Daniel, each in their own way grow and develop throughout the story allowing the reader to embark on the journey along with them. The story is told in an easy-to-read manner, with nuggets dropped throughout each chapter, causing the reader to want more. Who are these characters, and what magic and discovery lies ahead? A must read for those seeking spiritual growth and self-reflection. -Dr. Connie M Leach


The pages touch your soul in a series of magical, spiritually laced adventures. Leaving you wanting more. A great read. – MJ Caldwell, R.N.