Today I was in turmoil. Not so confident, on tract, or with a sense of #purpose which is my norm.  So I felt a bit panicked with my questioning and feeling troubled.

Still in no time, I found myself at #peace after a rich discussion about #spiritual practices. Just sharing myself with others, focusing on what does work: being of service to others, practicing the tools of #Living Hope – Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind, the turmoil quieted down and the reality that all is well returned.

Are periods of uncertainty, of pondering direction indications things are as bad as it feels at that moment? No, I think it’s worsened by discomfort with ambiguity, discomfort with uncertainty. There is nothing outwardly wrong in my life. Things are good.

All the worries were triggered by a recurring series of dreams. I want to know what they mean. What is the problem to be solved in the dreams since all I have are symbols as clues?

I much prefer direction and certainty. Yet sometimes life is in the in between place; full of uncertainty, full of questions. Odd, since it is only me that I’m dealing with in this moment. If I don’t understand what is going on inside, who will?  A rhetorical question. Most likely the symbols in the dream represent something I have been unwilling to recognize.

everything-changes - Lynne Cockrum-MurphyPossibly at times like this, when I lack a sense of direction, and I’m not certain what I want; a career change, or simply a change inside; the key is sitting with the ambiguity, sitting with uncertainty, allowing change to come in divine timing.

If I use questions (not the why, why, why type) and instead ask of the universe what would it take for this state to resolve itself? What else is possible? Then go about my daily business. When uncertainty arises I go back to the questions – What can I do and be to allow my highest and best to #manifest?

Moving towards constructive empowering questions bring peace in itself. So simple. Just as I said earlier moving from thinking to activity especially when being there for others, the qualms quiet. The storm passes. Answers, greater awareness will come.

For today I can ask the right questions, I can share myself with others, I can remember that I too like everyone else am a Shining Being of #Light and in moving to acceptance the light that we are shines through all the more brightly.