I was so deeply touched and impressed by President Obama today. As I listened to a replay of his eulogy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney I couldn’t help as I heard his speech patterns to be reminded of listening to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The comparison though extends beyond that to the President speaking to us as Martin Luther King did in times of strife and pain and pointing out that a higher, more hopeful future is still a possibility. #Inspiration!

President Obama even went so far to speak about the power of God’s grace in this horrific situation. He pointed out how #God uses the worst, in this case a mass murderer, for a greater purpose. It’s so uplifting when I see people find the grace in something we can barely stand to live with. Plus the bravery in speaking out with hope, while acknowledging the great loss experienced in Charleston, South Carolina was beautifully managed. The crowd murmured their agreement throughout the speech.

As President #Obama called out the names of those murdered on June 19, 2015, he explained the historical significance of that church and of the Civil Rights struggle in that area. I could not have been more proud of this man, this first black, American President. What a beautiful job he did of bringing Americans together after a tragedy, of educating, informing, unifying and soothing. An inspirational moment I had to share with you in case you haven’t already seen it.

You can watch it yourself on several news websites.
This is the one I used (just 37 minutes):

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