Living Awake Spiritual Mastery

Inner Circle

Realization – Deepening – Healing



 to realize the light you already are

to receive guidance and release blocks

to know how valuable and loved you already are


 your health, family, friends, work and more

Imagine going beyond where you’ve been. Unleash your own voice and reclaim your personal authority through your own magnificent spirit.

Join me in my seven month program, where you will have my continuous support, experience and transmissions for a strong spiritual foundation that feeds your highest and best life. You will …

  • Hear/know your own guidance

  • Increase your intuition

  • Clear and expand your chakras

  • Have deep connection with others

  • Communicate with your higher self

  • Live without your old story

All to focus on your next steps and call forth how you want to show up in 2020. You don’t have to go slow. As a strong, effective, spiritual woman, you own your power.

The Inner Circle (maximum 10 people) nourishes your personal and spiritual growth, your health, family and work interests through

  • group meditations
  • raising our vibrations
  • channeling
  • healing work
  • discussions

Know that you can live where the unimportant falls away, without effort, as we cultivate a conscious relationship with the Totality of All That Is, The Divine.

When you register you will be scheduled to join: Tuesday, March 24th, 2:00 pm (Arizona time)  

The Next Inner Circle begins Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 3:00 pm (Arizona time)

Meeting in zoom (introductions, purpose: group & individually, determine best day/time for all, guided visualization for personal decisions) for approximately an hour. Discussion example: Emphasis on “we are always at choice in spiritual path”.

  • Thereafter, zoom meetings every other week through the end of September
  • When there is opportunity, desire and consensus, we can meet in person for even stronger energy.
  • Plus, three private one-on-one sessions to deepen into personal growth areas (meeting in person, zoom or by phone).
  • After those sessions, 5 emergency sessions are available to you too.
  • In addition, I will be on call and available to you. Just text, call or email when “stuff comes up”. We’ll do a short process and get your equanimity back.

Here is what T. B. said after she signed up:

“I’m so thrilled I said yes. I just finished some goals and ideas for 2020, way too small. But excited none the less because of the growth I know is coming through my work with you!!!”

Love and light to you always,



Early Bird – Pay In Full: $7100.00

4 Monthly Payments: $2125/month

7 Monthly Payments: $1215/month