For most of us our spiritual growth is inevitable. This is part of why we are here, in this unique, amazing yet challenging time. We signed up and said yes, I’m moving forward, and I am willing to be part of the energetic evolution of this planet.

This also means that our growth will unfold with attention and even with neglect.  Personally, I prefer to foster my spiritual growth because in my spirituality I am happiest. In those low times when I don’t feel like I am connected to Source, I can quickly feel miserable.

Besides studying, meditating and communing with nature, as part of my spiritual practice, I help spiritual people deepen their awakening. That feeds my soul and again is adding to the raising of the earth’s vibration too.

I may look at all this as my spiritual growth, but isn’t it likely that there is a much bigger picture here? Think of how many lives we’ve spent on Earth. Those experiences and the many eras of war, famine and greed show the grasp of darkness. Never hopeless though.  We are an amazing species in view of the fact that we cling to hope and keep trying. Nonetheless, that millennia is over and we moved into a new one. What a relief.

For today we can

  • Count on continued growth
  • Connect with Source, or something greater than ourselves
  • Trust our awareness will expand

Raising our vibrations

Spiritual growth isn’t just meditating or taking a class. A decision I made at age 19 effected my spiritual growth for the rest of my life. While reading a Lopsang Rampa book description of when they (his sect of Buddhism) can eat meat and why they don’t the rest of the time changed everything for me in that moment. I made the decision to become a vegetarian at that moment and I have been a vegetarian (w/ fish and dairy) ever since – 43 years.

Spiritual growth is a huge topic, so I’ll keep this short and stick with my theme that I believe our spiritual development inevitable for most of us. People are waking up, joining spiritual book clubs, taking chi gong, tai chi and yoga. Buddhist temples are open in most cities and metaphysical churches abound. Post 2012 means accelerated growth and accessing our potential. What else is possible?

inevitable spiritual growth