Conscious Growth

An Individualized Spiritual Program


Realization – Deepening – Healing



 to release blocks to love and awareness

to realize the light you already are

to know how valuable and loved you already are


 health, family, work

  • Live as an empowered, strong, effective, spiritual person 
  • Access Love at new, deeper, sweeter levels
  • Increase your intuition, hear your own guidance
  • Clear and expand your chakras
  • Experience more love with ease
  • Know when you speak from your higher self
  • Communicate with your higher self
  • Live without your old story

All to focus on your next steps and call forth your highest and best life in 2020-2021. You don’t have to go slow. In my new twelve month program, you will have my continuous support, experience and transmissions for a strong spiritual foundation.

This program addresses your interests and your concerns then nourishes your personal and spiritual growth through

  • guided meditations
  • channeling
  • healing work
  • energy work for vibrational change
  • discussions

Know that you can live where the unimportant falls away, without effort, as we cultivate a conscious relationship with Love, the Totality of All That Is, The Divine.

When you register, we will schedule your first session asap.

  • Zoom or phone meetings every other week for one year.
  • Arrange a VIP Day (in zoom or in person up to 4.5 hours) for 1st or 2nd
  • A second VIP Day at 7 months into the program.
  • A self-rating scale pre and post.
  • When possible, we’ll meet in person in Phoenix for even stronger energy.
  • I will be available to you when “stuff comes up”. We’ll do a short process and get your equanimity back.
  • A copy of one of my books.
  • Optional:
    • a labyrinth walk 


Here is what T. B. said after she signed up:

“I’m so thrilled I said yes. I just finished some goals and ideas for 2020, way too small. But excited none the less because of the growth I know is coming through my work with you!!!”


Love and light to you always,