Feel stuck? Uncertain? Change your focus and Be Inspired!

What gets you out of your routines? What breaks up the monotony? How do you get inspired? In other words, what refreshes you?

Getting away, getting out of our routines, getting out of our chairs and away from our computers…just what an entrepreneur needs.

We love our work and there is always so much to do that it might seem counterproductive to get away. At the same time, it not only is refreshing it opens up our perspective. It is easy to get super focused on the daily details – billing, social media, data, taking and making calls, thereby accomplishing remarkable amounts.

Yet, then we lose the big picture. I forget exactly WHY I do what I do.

inspiredIn meditation, we can ask for insights. We can raise our vibrations and create the likelihood we will find inspiration.

Driving long distances on winding country roads, walking on a beach, sitting by a lake brings a calm and an opportunity to remember what is important.

That is when inspiration comes.

For contemplation: Do you find inspiration in your meditations? Or when you are outdoors? How do you inspire yourself?

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