Hearing and Seeing Our Guides, Angels and Family

The ability to hear my guides and angels and to recognize their input as different than my thoughts has taken years. The same goes with recognizing when deceased family members are visiting and what are their comments and what are my own thoughts.

After learning ThetaHealing® and quickly and easily moving into the theta brainwave state, I found I maintain theta easily and am more able to hear higher guidance.

When I am asking The Divine (Creator, God) for an answer, it often comes as one word, a picture or as a new understanding.

Earlier on, I saw pictures with no idea of their meaning. Truly frustrating. That has improved and now symbolically they make great sense.

Seeing your guides

In the 1970s, my metaphysical minister recommended sitting in front of a large mirror and looking for my guides with unfocused eyes around my head and above my shoulders. Eventually, I saw two. My minister had told me their names. I gradually came to know them better and see relevant past lives I’ve had with them.

Hearing our guides is only challenging because they have been with us since birth and we don’t necessarily recognize their guidance as different from our own thoughts. I find they usually offer short one sentence guidance. They don’t ramble like my own thoughts do and their advice is always positive.

Noticing your thoughts is part of the process to get where you can recognize what is your guide or someone else or yourself. With family members, I usually feel like the person is there with me and I immediately think something like, “Oh, Uncle Lee is looking over my shoulder.” Or “Oh, Grandma is here again”. Sometimes I know why they are visiting and hear a statement; other times I don’t know why they came. Some visit just once and deliver a message and others come repeatedly. I do enjoy their presence. Always pause and ask who it is and what is the message.

Hearing the Angels

I have found using Doreen Virtue angel cards has given me good guidance for years. Just follow the directions in the box. Reading and using her book, Archangels and Ascended Masters (2003) caused me to tune in better to the guardian angels and to know who to call upon based upon their special areas of focus.guides angels

When angels visit I usually see wings, sometimes small and sometimes huge; then how I know an angel is visiting. Once in meditation, I saw big beautiful wings and asked who it was. He answered Haniel. I had never heard of an Archangel Haniel. I grabbed Doreen Virtue’s book and found him right there. Her description of him and his gifts matched what I experienced with him.

To talk more about hearing our guides and angels I’m offering a free webinar in Zoom Wednesday, Nov. 7 at noon mountain time, of 30-45 minutes. After talking a little more about “how to”, I will lead everyone through a guided theta state meditation and then open it to discussion and questions and answers. People in my Awakening Healers Circle on Facebook said in my recent poll that hearing their guides and angels was of greatest interest to them. My intention is to give the information in response to their interest and maybe yours too.

Love and light, Lynne


For contemplation:  How do I know when I hear Divine guidance?