Inner Peace is Possible

Lately, I’ve been comparing healing to building an underground garage. I’ll explain. Especially with the healing of our old stuff, old issues, beliefs and wounds. The whole process fits well with the analogy of clearing out, using resources and creating a new happy home.

parking garage

Create something new

To heal one:

  • Excavates the old
  • Analyzes and gleans info from the soil
  • Uses tools, supplies and equipment (a master plan, permits and inspections) to trench and stabilize
  • Adds support structures then builds walls and floors.
  • Then refining the details to exactly your highest and best.

Last month, the newsletter addressed using your resources and taking action. To add to that, it might help to know that healing the past and movement into a great life with inner peace is a process.

To start:

  1. Get clear on what needs to heal (identify the abuse, neglect, or trauma that still affects you)
  2. Decide you are ready
  3. Select how you want to do this (to work with therapist, energy healer, or spiritual teacher)
  4. Decide the additional tools you will use (writing autobiography or journal, prayer, meditation)
  5. Now reach out – contact the person you want to work with you.


No matter how hurt or how stuck or how lost you have felt, there is always hope. You can improve your life, you can release the pain. Happiness is possible.

Besides action and work; part of the process includes loving yourself. This means doing something kind for you. Every action, every decision can move you forward. Start now if you haven’t already. You are worth it.

a beautiful home

a beautiful home created by you for you


Next month, I’ll write about another tool for you to build the home of your dreams (again the building is a metaphor).

To set up a healing session with Lynne call 602-569-6078 or email lynnecockrum-murphy@gmail.com We can work by phone, skype or zoom to build the life of your dreams.