Tobias Beharrell interview for the Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show.

After introducing me as an intuitive, a Theta Healer, and spiritual teacher, during the interview Tobias asked about my early years. He encouraged me to share some of the deepest painful experiences.  Yet, as he guided the conversation we heard how from the traumatic experiences came an extraordinary evolution. All leading to a life including angelic childhood visitations, and a daily rapport with spiritual guides and angels.

My Amazon bestselling latest book, “Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We are Never Alone

Specifically, we discussed how it is possible to move from life as struggle to joy in life.  Most of the time we talked about Unfolding the Mystery of Self.  The book reminds us that we are never alone. In addition, we are invited to call out for love, support, assistance and information.

Following that, Tobias and I delved into two other themes in Unfolding the Mystery of Self. First, that we can embrace total freedom in our spiritual path. Accordingly, we each can go with a religion or not, and follow our own unique direction. We discussed the importance and impact of Buddhism and Hinduism on our development. Acknowledging that even with the powerful spiritual teaching within them we need not be locked in to dogma.

Equally important, that this post 2012-time period puts us on the brink of Oneness. That many of us think we are the change we have been waiting for. Already in the awakening process, we assist others in the awakening of others at the same time.

Ah Karma

Our discussion of karma defined karma as much more than the common thinking of “karma as punishment”. Karma is based upon the law of cause and effect. Everything present in our lives right now was created based upon what we have done before. For example, the peaceful life I live exists because I created it. Creating it from what we’d call good karma from the past and all my choices in this life. The more painful karma I experienced earlier in this life was based on previous lives and in due time cleared.

In contrast, today we often see a direct relationship between something that happens and something we did beforehand. Quick and clear karma shows us right away what we might want to change or not repeat. Quicker learning and change comes because we don’t have to wait lifetimes for the effect.

A big thanks to Tobias and Rebecca for the opportunity to talk about my book. I appreciate sharing what I offer as a counselor, a teacher and a healer.

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