Are you tired of talking about the New Year yet? Or are you feeling enthusiastic about the potential and possibilities? ecstatic

Remaining hopeful that life can improve is one of the attributes that keeps people going.

With as challenging as life was last year we do need inspiration to not just face this year but to embrace it.

How to create through gratitude?

One trick that places the focus on the positive is gratitude. https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/gratitude-journal/

Try this: as soon as you wake up think of three things you are grateful for. My list usually starts with my comfy bed and warm blankets. After you have the three things you are grateful for in mind decide on an intention for the day. Today mine is writing and that can be this newsletter and/or my next book.

Also, I make a gratitude list when I’m cranky or out of sorts. Thinking about and anmeing for myself what is good in my life improves my perspective. And each night before I go to sleep I do another list.

Focusing on gratitude is a healthy habit that creates more of what we are glad for in our lives. We know form follows thought. That means what we dwell on, we create more of. I’d much rather dwell on what I am happy for in my life and create more of that than the events or people I allowed to make me unhappy. Gratitude is one way to create our own happiness and our lives in a most fulfilling way.


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