Empowered by #ThetaHealing

Empowered by #ThetaHealing

We call it ThetaHealing® and I am in control of my life because of it. Prior to immersing myself into ThetaHealing I studied #alternative healing methods and enjoyed any opportunity to be a #healer. The amazing thoroughness and effectiveness of ThetaHealing took my...
Healing with Access Bars

Healing with Access Bars

I love it when my Bars are run because I know it #heals me, keeps me young, and addresses whatever is ready to change in my life from communication, to money, to #manifesting, to my body. Or the healing I receive may just move me to greater kindness, gratitude, peace...
ThetaHealing® Powerful Change Agent

ThetaHealing® Powerful Change Agent

ThetaHealing has to be my favorite healing modality. I am amazed again and again at the changes in my life after I received sessions and took classes. I also see miraculous rapid growth in my students when they take the classes from me. My clients too release what...
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