Living an Awakened Life Workshops

Welcome Seekers, Meditators, Healers and Teachers,

Are you on a spiritual journey?  Where it is taking you next? What blocks slow you down?

Are you:

  • Feeling like your spiritual practice is stalled?

  • Amid a transition of self?

  • Feeling like life is empty or lacks meaning?

  • Wanting guidance without following a religion?

You’re in the right place whether you are here to heal to grow spiritually and open your life to your greatest potential – or to feel supported as you continue to explore your spiritual depths.

Yes, it’s possible for you to finally overcome your old patterns, even if you have worked on it before. You can experience instant healing of things that may have bothered you for years.


Interview Dr. Lynne Cockrum-MurphyMy own process of shifting from suffering to a whole new view on life is, in part, why I have created this program.  After a surviving a house fire, developing PTSD from that experience and the loss of my father and two sisters in the fire is why I chose to live a spiritual life.

Tragedy and the dysfunction in my family afterward left me with low self-esteem and deep loneliness. My response to the pain included rejecting unhappiness and a belief in fatality which eventually led to a new and deeply satisfying life accomplished through healing and spiritual practices.

Now, instead of fear of suffering, I have learned to see any challenge as an opportunity to recognize something is off. Then to identify which beliefs limit me and then do the work to heal it.

I became a seeker. I studied and followed teachers. I questioned everything with the intention of healing.

Today, I rarely experience any PTSD symptoms. My self-esteem is strong and instead of feeling alone I am aware of ancestors, angels and spiritual guidance and love all the time. I take care of and stand up for myself. I have a long lovely marriage. And best of all, my work in assisting others in their spiritual journey, in healing and expanding their awareness brings me great pleasure.

Deep healing and happiness are possible. Living a joyful life is possible.

Are you…

feeling alone on your spiritual path, occasionally losing your way, bored with the routine of meditation, uncertain how to move forward, not wanting religion and interested in working for a while with a teacher?

Imagine what it you life can be like…

  • to release what has held you back

  • to quickly move to the stillness within

  • to sense your inner guidance

  • to know your growth is supported

  • to have someone to ask questions of

  • and to trust you will ignite your awakening.

Testimonials from Dr. Lynne’s 2019 Journey to Awakening workshop.

In Lynne’s Awakening workshops, I liked all of the handouts, especially the first one that showed all 5 areas of focus, the loving kindness meditation, and the song “May the Long Time Sun” which I still refer to. I especially like the time spent in meditation (I’ve always loved the upper room guided meditation), the loving energy of your home, the energy & non-judgmentalness/acceptance of the others who attended, and the personal attention you were able to give everyone who came forward with an issue, including me. I learned techniques to raise my vibration, which I can practice all throughout the day. The classes helped me to re-remember to stay in the here & now, that I already have everything I need, and that I’m never alone.  My anxiety almost always comes from one of two things:  I’m not accepting the things I cannot change, or I’m trying to do those tasks that come under the heading of God’s job, not mine.


About Dr. Lynne:


Living an Awakened Life Workshops

We all can heal at deeper levels. We all have amazing spiritual gifts. That is why…

I created Living an Awakened Life.

I can help you create these results in your own life.

Module 1: Healing Yourself on all Levels

Kindness begins at home. Consider how many critical thoughts you might have about yourself in one day. We have good reasons for our patterns. Everyone has suffered. You will experience downloads, guided meditations and more as we release old patterns, heal and enjoy life more fully.

  • What loving actions do we take for others?
  • What loving actions do we take for ourselves?
  • What kindness do you see in others?
  • Only intervening when for everyone’s benefit (know your motives)
  • Give unconditional love
  • Be of service
  • Balance in giving

I was hooked from the first meditation we did, which helped me to affirm what I knew to be True about myself. I enjoyed working with Lynne and other participants as I worked on exploring gifts I had not acknowledged in the past. I became aware of old beliefs I have brought with me. I love becoming more aware of beliefs which no longer serve me, and to bring forth a new awareness of who I am and how I have come to serve.


Module 2: Increasing Your Self-Awareness

Telling our story alerts others to our pain and our needs. Does it help with the healing? Or does it keep us in a loop, limiting us, recreating the same old… And what will happen if we take on new habits new tools and connect with a power greater than ourselves? You can release your old story.

  • Our words inadvertently reveal our thinking: example: “Well, better than that I…”
  • Manage your thoughts
  • Use downloads rather than affirmations
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Add into your life high vibrational activities; Decrease low vibrational activities
  • Get healing as needed – use tools, resources and people

My favorite type of meditation is your guided meditations.


Module 3: Discern Your Divine Timing

From willfulness and fear, we embrace new patterns, we use new tools and change our reality. Our story becomes less important. The present, our actions, our awareness, our generosity of spirit have changed. Our spiritual practice became a daily and for some an all day practice. You will recognize divine timing in your own life.

  • Live in knowing, in awareness.
  • Know when to speak, follow the energy.
  • Know what the flow feels like.
  • Miracles take place without fanfare
  • Act based on guidance
  • Beyond sitting in knowing to connection into daily life and when in action

The guided meditations opened my “inner sight” to new experiences.


Module 4: Love for The Divine

Have you felt uncertain or a lost? There is a solution to decades of loneliness. What is your spiritual practice? Does it fulfill or is there something you’d like to add or to change? You will discuss, look at examples and do a guided meditation.

  • God looks like light, feels like love.
  • Christ is love.
  • Trust Source/God/the Divine/Creator
  • Talk to it, and listen
  • Translate it into a greater love of life, Earth and people
  • Immerse yourself in love and experience bliss.

Thank-you for your workshop. It was illuminating!


Module 5: Love Yourself, Love until in Oneness

Everything in our lives is as it is for good reason. The universe is benevolent and generous. Are we happy with our lives? Can we create different? Can we love until our cup runs over with enough for everyone? You will do guided meditations to experience oneness with all of life.

  • Question your old beliefs: example: “Murphy’s Law”
  • Be in allowance
  • Look for synchronicity
  • We are not separate, we are part of all that is – downloads
  • We are eternal
  • We are not our thoughts


We will meet in Phoenix for six 1 1/2 hour sessions on Tuesdays 

Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26,  Dec. 3, 10                10:00 – 11:30 am

You can expect: to expand your awakening through guided meditations, discussions, Q & A, spiritual guidance, examples and support for your own unique journey all in a safe space with a small group of like-minded people.



Your investment in your spiritual life gets you the five Life Changing session days and these three bonus gifts.

  1. A 12-minute guided theta brain wave state meditation
  2. My book, A Journey with Matityahu Book 1 Awakening (e-book or paperback)
  3. A personal session to follow up on your progress and answer questions to ensure that you have everything you need.



  • 6 life-changing facilitated spiritual sessions (value: $1310)

  • Information-rich handouts and worksheets (value: $77)

  • Follow-up phone or computer session with Dr. Lynne (value: $300)

  • 12-minute guided Theta State meditation (value: $120)

  • My book (an e-version), A Journey with Matityahu (value: $40)

If you paid for each service individually it would total $1847 – and we normally charge $988 for the series.  But for a limited time, it is offered  to you for just $497 and for a short time at the early bird rate of $397

Satisfaction Guarantee: You will experience spiritual growth, you will deepen your meditation and expand your Awakening.




For the first 5 people that register, you also get an additional one-on-one private consultation with me to explore your most pressing spiritual issue prior to the class starting.

Register now! Hold a space in this life changing class now!

Along with the 5 sessions, you get follow up private consulting time with Dr. Lynne plus a guided Theta Brainwave meditation and the e-book A Journey with Matityahu -Book 1 Awakening.


How do you know you can you trust your inner guidance?

Discernment is easy with just a bit of practice. I’ll show you how to know what higher guidance feels like and to keep your vibrations high.

How do we share our awakening when it is such a unique and personal experience?

We will experience some things similarly and others quite differently and always respecting each person’s unique path. As a spiritual teacher, I tune in to each person’s energy and assist with the “knowing” that supports.

If you have other questions or would like to know more contact me.

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 I really liked the connection through sharing and the ah-ha insights.


Thanks for your workshop and always making me feel so comfortable. Your guided meditation brought me to tears of joy. I so enjoy our time together.