It started with journaling. For over twenty-five years I wrote in my #journal as a daily discipline. It may sound tedious to some. For me, it meant self-expression. I put down my worries, thoughts, annoyances, observations, #gratitude’s and to do’s each night before going to sleep.

I think that habit has everything to do with my publishing my first book in 2010 and the release in September 2015 of my next one Living Hope – Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind.

Others may have written for pleasure but if I thought anyone was going to see my writing then it slowed me into a laborious process. While journaling, a private affair, I could write on and on. I didn’t follow the lines on the paper. I held the journal and wrote whichever way felt comfortable, often sideways writing from side to side. I drew pictures when it suited me too.

Getting in the writing groove where the words just flow page after page started with journaling for me. Spelling and grammar don’t matter. All that can be fixed later. The key is self expression – pour it out on paper. Don’t judge it.

Just last year I experienced that flow using Tom Bird’s writing method at his November retreat in mystical, red-rocked Sedona. Tom had a formula that moved us from whatever writing styles we had in the past to a speedy flow. I had never been able to write that way with a computer only by hand.

Becoming a #Writer: It started with #journaling.

Becoming a #Writer: It started with #journaling.

You can feel the difference when in the flow. For me it means I can hardly type as fast as the words come to mind – and my spelling and typos are atrocious. More importantly though the message, intended for the piece, comes through loud and clear. Tom’s goal was to have us write unedited as fast as possible. I get the correlation now. Fast means in the flow.

I give credit to my years of journaling for making me a writer today. At the same time, I acknowledge the Tom Bird Method™ for propelling me from writing for myself to writing while intending to publish and share it with everyone.

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