Healing work is part of my everyday life.

Part of every class I teach.

Part of how I got to be where I am today.

Do you have areas of your life where you just can’t seem to “get over” your past? Or where you know you’re meant for greater things…but don’t know what your next steps are to break through?

I get it because I have been where you are…I tried effective and ineffective solutions to get past the pain.

It helped to get licensed in Arizona as an addiction counselor and become a Theta Healer and instructor. Plus, I spent 30 years as a special education teacher and 13 years as university professor.

Now I mostly work with women interested in healing emotionally and physically while also interested in their own spiritual growth.


My healing was necessary because I grew up a family that became more and more dysfunctional. Early on I found it just confusing and eventually it became intolerably violent.

On top of that, we experienced traumas and tragedy. 

healing from lossI lost my dad and two sisters when I was two and a half in a house fire. Although I also was burned, I survived and lived in the hospital for I don’t know how long. As you might imagine my mother was never the same after those losses.

She remarried when I was four, turns out he was emotionally abusive to her, then he died five years later in a work incident.

After that, she married a man with a serious drinking problem and our situation went from bad to worse until the year, I graduated from college. The next spring, my mom was shot and killed in a robbery of the tavern they had bought just two months before.

If it will be beneficial to you, you can read my book Living Hope – Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind which talks about those first twenty-five years of my life and how it is possible to overcome. The book is full of ideas and examples to help you do the same.

As you can see, I had lots to heal from. The victim mentality was deeply rooted and had to be healed for me to be happy. Thus, began the process of changing my life. I had great survival skills and applied them repeatedly. I used my natural resilience to move from surviving to thriving. 


Now, I live a self-actualized life and because of the work I’ve done, I help others recover too.

Today I use my background as a licensed counselor, my spiritual training in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and New Age teachings, in addition to being a healer, all to help women just like you create the life they have only dreamed of.

Particularly with the use of ThetaHealing, we address old wounds, resentments and regrets in relationships.

After teaching mostly in small in-person groups for years, I’m especially excited to be able to offer a brand NEW class via webinar starting soon where you will learn to master:

The 3 biggest keys to healing our past

  • The importance and ease of kindness and love for yourself – and how to get there
  • How to undo the self-doubt and negative messages from the past and to no longer criticize yourself
  • How to invite healing in by embodying the principle that “You already are a being of light and part of All That Is”.

Journey to Awakening webinar with a focus on kindness for self and others, self-awareness, living in divine timing, and oneness. Get the details and reserve your space now while the steeply discount Early Bird rate is in effect – it ends February 10th!