Immediately, with Theta Healing you can heal, do a reading, and do a body scan. Create change for yourself and others.

On top of that, with Theta Healing you will:
  1. Build a deeper connection with the #Divine
  2. Start a career as a healer or add to your healing skills
  3. Clear lifetimes of limiting beliefs
  4. Clear your ancestors limiting beliefs
  5. Change and heal DNA
  6. Download new positive feelings for yourself and others
  7. Open new neural pathways
  8. Manifest easily
  9. Bend time
  10. As you work on yourself, your family will heal.

In just three days, you will have the skills to help others and change your own life. In particular, your intuition will grow immediately. You will have new levels of knowing, seeing, and hearing.

Talk about empowering yourself and others! empowered

The fact remains, taking the Theta Healing seminars gave me a new healing method. I find it more effective than any I had used before. It has been pretty exciting to see how quickly with Theta my clients get the changes they are looking for. For instance, we address relationships, career, health, childhood wounds, emotional losses. In fact, you’ll see results faster than counseling. In addition, miracles happen regularly. Certainly, Theta Healing leads to amazing life-changes.

In one seminar, Basic Theta Healing, you will be a certified practitioner.  In addition, you will receive the book ThetaHealing and a manual.

Coming soon, Basic DNA Theta Healing seminar: Feb. 19 – 21, 2019 in Phoenix AZ. Of course, contact me if you have questions: 602-569-6078

Register: www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com 

See www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com or the ThetaHealing Institute’s website for more information.