A Spiritual Retreat:
Clarity for Your
Soul 2021

Healers, spiritual teachers and intuitives here to nurture and support you and your growth for a two day retreat. Date: January 8 & 9, 2021

Readings, Empaths, Numerology, Channeling, Arcturians, Greatness, God Consciousness, and Tarot

You will receive guidance, healing, information all with loving kindness!


Conscious Growth Program

Spiritual Growth and Healing VIP Program


Free 15-minute consultation

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 Imagine You Program  

 –Live with Ease & Purpose

Step into your Power and Greatness

Make a Difference in the World

Theta Healing Seminars

Basic, Advanced,   Manifesting/ Abundance, Dig Deeper, Rhythm-Perfect Weight, Rainbow Children 


Clarity for Your Soul Retreat

online January 8 & 9, 2021

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 Speaking   March 11, 2020  St. Louis  

Lynne’s India Pilgrimage Video Jan/Feb.2020  

Unfolding the Mystery of Self:

4 Secrets to Advance your Awakening

Deep healing and happiness are possible. Living a joyful life is possible.

Have you…

– felt stuck and not sure how to move forward?

– suffered trauma in your past?

– had a breakup that came out of the blue?

– had a spiritual crisis? 

What it takes to overcome dramatic events in our life is deep inner work. If you’re suffering in any way now, please know I’ve been where you are and I created a new experience to help you reconnect with your deeper inner self and heal the residual effects of your trauma once and for all. We aren’t meant to suffer.

Suffering is avoidable. That is why…

I created Unfolding the Mystery of Self – 4 Secrets to Activate your Awakening webinar series which is available for you to move through at your own pace and schedule.

I can help you create these results in your own life.

A Journey with Matityahu touched my heart. Author, Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, took me through a journey of self-awareness as I was immersed in a heartfelt story – brilliant! I especially enjoyed character Daniyyel’s experiences with God as he questions what so many of us have and his realization of the simplicity and magnitude of the Divine.~Linda

Dr. Cockrum-Murphy presents a practical and applicable model to integrate intuition, giftedness and spirituality in daily life.~Kathy

The book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self, perhaps as an extension of the author, has an energy that nurtures and supports reader in a mysterious way.~Dorena

Dr. Lynne’s story in Living Hope is one of hope and inspiration for sufferers of PTSD and Traumatic Stress. I highly recommend both her book and consultation services, if you can get in to see her! ~Kathy Mohr-Almeida PhD Traumatologist

A must read for anyone seeking to shift their emotional pain to inner peace and emotional freedom.~Dr. Constance Leach

An excellent book for finding a solution for those suffering from childhood abuses and dysfunctional families. The author’s story touched my heart and helped me resolve my own story. Stronger at the Broken Places provides a unique framework to reduce the pain for those on a journey of healing and finding meaning.~Dr. Constance Leach