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Dr. Lynne’s story in Living Hope is one of hope and inspiration for sufferers of PTSD and Traumatic Stress. I highly recommend both her book and consultation services, if you can get in to see her! Kathy Mohr-Almeida

Ph.D., Traumatologist

The book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self, perhaps as an extension of the author, has an energy that nurtures and supports reader in a mysterious way. Dorena

Book: Unfolding the Mystery of Self

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BuyNow From Amazon - Living Hope by Lynne Cockrum-Murphy


Dr. Cockrum-Murphy presents a practical and applicable model to integrate intuition, giftedness and spirituality in daily life Kathy

Book: Living Hope

Living Hope - Lynny Cockrum-Murphy

BuyNow From Amazon - Living Hope by Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

A must read for anyone seeking to shift their emotional pain to inner peace and emotional freedom. Connie M. Leach

Ed.D. Career and Life Coach

Book: Stronger at the Broken Places

Stronger at the Broken Places

BuyNow From Amazon - Stronger at the Broken Places by Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

An excellent book for finding a solution for those suffering from childhood abuses and dysfunctional families. The author’s story touched my heart and helped me resolve my own story. Stronger at the Broken Places provides a unique framework to reduce the pain for those on a journey of healing and finding meaning. Dr. Constance Leach

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